THE WARNS - Costa Rica

NOVEMBER 25, 2003

"Dianne and I Just got back from Clinica Biblica and I'm being admitted tomorrow for operation. Colan cancer. Pray for quick recovery. THANKSGIVING be unto HIM....NO GREATER LOVE

No greater love has anyone, than to lay down His life for His friends. To give it all in a moment of time; this is love, this love. It's God's mighty love, divine. No greater love was ever shown; No greater love was ever known, Than of Him who was stained with His blood, That we might be now washed in the crimson flood. No greater love could I give than to Him who said to my soul, you can live. To Him alone who merits my praise, All my sin on the cross on Him was laid.

Steve for the Warns...Jer. 9:23,24 keep us in prayer."

NOVEMBER 30, 2003

"Dear Wayne and Holly,

Thanks for responding to our urgent cry for help and thanks for your prayers. Steve is still in the hospital and they haven't done the surgery yet. They wanted to wait until all the test results were in so they would know what they are dealing with. Yesterday was a rough day because he developed an infection with a fever and chills and they were also treating him for anemia by giving him a blood transfusion so you can image how much he liked all that fuss.

But the really cool thing is that with so many praying the presence of the Lord was manifested to him in a clear way and the Lord spoke to him through Psalm 139 and Psalm 27, breaking him and convicted him of sin.

Thank you so much for praying, keep on, please. He's witnessing and passing out tracts to everyone that comes into his room. I had to bring him more yesterday. Glory!

The test results came out favorable for which we are very thankful. There is no cancer in other parts of his body; however it appears that the colon wall is involved which would require chemotherapy as a follow up treatment.

The surgery is still scheduled for Tues. or perhaps Wed. which is good because his body needs to prepare; they are giving him IVs to give him nourishment since he can't eat anything solid because of the obstruction to his colon.Pray for strength.

We love you guys and wish that we could sit down and visit with you.

In His Grip, Dianne"

DECEMBER 9, 2003

We want to thank everyone for the prayer and moral support during Steve's surgery and right now for his recovery. The Lord's hand has been on us in so many wonderful ways; we have so much for which to be thankful.

The day we got back the final biospy report, I woke up with a great desire just to make a joyful noice unto the Lord-Psalm 100. Which we did!!! The report was good. No cancer in the lymph nodes just in the colon wall and the fatty tissue they removed with the tumor.

They want to start Chemotherapy the first week of January (5 days/month for 6 months) so please pray that with a good diet and rest Steve will regain his strength and weight so that he will be prepared. Feel free to call if you want to encourage Steve but your emails have been just great. Our phone # is 506-276-6234.

In His Grip, Dianne for Steve and Family

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