MIRACLE RANCH ORPHANAGE - Tony and Edna Hernandez

Kids For over 25 years, Tony and Edna have been running this orphanage north of Ensenada, Mexico. Pastor Wayne met them in 1983 when visiting with Steve and Kathy Schinhofen. Their consistancy of ministry has been a great example to us and it shows through the support given them by many other ministries in the U. S. We support two children as well as the orphange as a whole. Miracle Ranch Website

Their son, Josh, is the Assistant Director of the orphange in addition to coordinating church group visits and work projects.

Josh and Brenda

*NOTE: Here is Josh with his wife Brenda. They were wed March 3, 2001 in Ensenada, Mexico. They are continuing the ministry at the Youth House and at Miracle Ranch Orphanage.

Children's Camp

THE WARNS - Costa Rica

Pastor Wayne and Holly met them in 1985 in Modesto, CA. Steve had been working with the youth prison ministry, and also ran a men's discipleship home. Steve and Diane Warn have been in Costa Rica for about 6 years.

After recovering from his battle with colon cancer, Steve and Diane are leaving Costa Rica to go to Africa and meet the needs of the poor and needy there. More new to come...

Steve and Diane Warn

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2003 Important! Please read.



They can be contacted at: warnink@sol.racsa.co.cr

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